Holabot is Pudu's first dish collecting robot which innovatively applies autonomous mobile robot to the plate collection industry. Equipped with large capacity, high carrying capacity and gesture recognition + voice control module, Holabot can largely improve the turnaround efficiency in restaurants.


Efficient dish collecting robot

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Super-large Capacity and High Carrying Capacity

Super large capacity of 120L, maximum load of 120kg, multiple tables in one collection, the collection efficiency is 6 times of manual operation, giving the restaurant a much better turnover.


IPX5 Waterproof Inner Cabin

IPX5 waterproof inner cabin can effectively resist various liquid splashes in the working environment and keep the machine body clean.

Super Power

HolaBot adopts a more powerful motor configuration, and its power is 1.5 times of PuduBot.

  • HolaBot

  • PuduBot

Mid-air Operation

No need to touch the buttons, simple and straightforward, efficient and hygienic.

Sound Tracking

Omnidirectional six-mic array, real-time sound source localization, ensuring to be "on call” all the time.

Air Call

It only takes one step for every operation.

Multi-call Mode

HolaBot supports the operation from a variety of terminal devices such as smart watches, tablets, pagers and smart scales, calling robots in real time and issuing task instructions.

Smart Scale
  • Machine size
  • Machine weight
  • Machine material
    ABS/aviation-grade aluminum alloy
  • Charging time
  • Battery lifetime
    7X24H (power exchangeable)
  • Cruise speed
    0.5~1.2m/s adjustable
  • Single tray load
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